Patti Grimmett

Travel Advisor
Patti’s Vacations LLC


Thank you so much for reaching out to me to prepare this Costa Rica trip for you.  I decided to split your stay between two different areas in Costa Rica so you can enjoy both outdoor activities and beach time. As you can see, your trip includes, flights, private transfers, 2 resorts and some excursions.  


It is the passenger's responsibility to A) Ensure all names are spelled exactly as they appear in their passports. Misspelled names must be corrected prior to departure or service may be denied and passengers will be financially responsible for new travel arrangements. B) Check the latest travel information regarding COVID-19 prior to and during travel. This includes, but is not limited to, requirements for testing, quarantine, and Personal Protection Equipment. Please visit our COVID-19 Country Resource Page for helpful links and information. Note: Avanti Destinations cannot be held liable for this information as it may change during these dynamic times. 

Travel insurance protection is Strongly Recommended. As your travel agent, we have a professional responsibility to recommend the purchase of travel protection to protect both you and your vacation. Patti's Vacations LLC is limited to advising you of the need for such coverage.

By declining travel protection, you acknowledge and accept liability for any cancellation penalties, damages and/or out–of-pocket expenses incurred. You also acknowledge and accept responsibility for arranging and paying for any treatment in case of a medical emergency while traveling. Please note that if you decline this type of coverage, you have waived your right to this important coverage and your confirmation will note “declined” next to the travel protection section of your confirmation. If you HAVE purchased travel protection, please remember to review your confirmation for accuracy and call us immediately if you believe you have travel protection and your confirmation indicates declined. Failure to contact us will be considered waiver of travel protection.

We urge you to read your policy when it arrives as it contains important information. This information includes, but is not limited to, details on the extent of coverage and procedures for making a claim.

All requests for service under the policy must be filed directly with the travel insurance provider, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions, which you the passenger are responsible for reviewing upon receipt of your travel protection policy. Patti's Vacations is not able to give advice with regard to possible cancellations and any associated claims processing. All queries regarding cancellation, penalties, coverage should be directed to your particular travel insurance provider. Please note that the travel insurance provider may not be allowed to discuss your claim with Patti's Vacations LLC due to privacy laws (e.g. HIPAA). Accordingly, you acknowledge that Patti's Vacations LLC cannot be involved in any aspect of your claim/request for service. Passenger(s) acknowledge and agree that Patti's Vacations LLC has no control over the travel insurance provider or its coverage decisions, and as a result Patti's Vacations LLC is not responsible for and shall not be liable for policy coverage, claims processing, or the denial of any claims.

Please know that while I strive to be as accurate as possible in my itineraries, there may be instances in which the correct information has changed without my knowledge; such as restaurant closings, price changes, opening hours, etc. This is especially true currently during Covid-19. This statement does not include any reservations I might have made on your behalf. 

Please let me know what you think.

Best regards,