Vacationing--it’s unwinding, relaxing, lying on a beach. It’s wonderful, but it can be more. It can be one of Patti’s Vacations, LLC. The top ten lists are great, but when you travel, you want to do it your way. Find hidden gems, be the go-to among your friends when it comes to the next underground experience to try, and get ready to be introduced to a new side of the popular stops. Easygoing vacationers can discover secluded beaches in the Caribbean, adventurers can climb Mount Olympus, and even if you want a little bit of everything, you’ll find it here. For a fresh perspective, Patti’s Vacations is here to guide you to what you never knew you were waiting for. Get ready to sail through turquoise waves, kick up sand on pink beaches, and feel like royalty waking up to room service. There’s an adventure out there for every kind of traveler; let’s find yours!

What's Included in Our Vacations

Our vacation packages are always custom created. Our service suggests the necessities and guides you to make the right travel decision for you. And we never charge planning fees.  When creating your travel package, we can include:

Accommodations - Cruise, Resort, Hotel, Villa



Rental Cars

Travel Activities (Excursions)

Travel Protection

Our Vacation Services

Contact Patti's Vacations, LLC to use a professional service that you can trust when it comes to your vacation planning. My firsthand experience and knowledge makes your trip planning process simple. I am certified with travel partners, resorts and cruise lines, and destination tourism boards. Through my ongoing education and connections to the travel industry, I stay current on today's travel needs to create a smooth travel planning experience. My dedication to my clients promises the best prices and advice, while maintaining an emphasis on customer service. With my vacation services, you can expect:

Expert Guidance


Personalized Service

Customer Advocate

Time Savings

Unbiased Information

Explore the Unexpected with Patti's Vacations, LLC | All-Inclusive, Adventure, and Cruise Travel

Patti's Vacations, LLC was created with the purpose to create fulfilling and rewarding travel experiences for vacationers. These types of trips are possible for all travelers, and we lead the way in arranging these journeys. Our destination expert, Patti, began her career planning corporate and executive travel. After creating countless trips, and becoming the known expert for cruising and vacations, Patti created Patti's Vacations, LLC. Through her own travel brand, she is able to provide a variety of one-of-a-kind vacations and is able to take additional steps to build her business, knowledge, and specialties.

Patti has worked hard to develop a process that works for her business. Her process is based on values that she holds dear to her heart; she is thorough and informative guiding her clients to make the right choices. Her nature is warm, kind, and consistent, but she's willing to be straightforward to offer her recommendations. It's what her clients and family love most about her. 

Patti's passion is fueled by her love of new destinations. She loves sharing her expertise and new travel opportunities to others. Patti's gift is truly pairing the people with the destination. Plus, she gets to live vicariously through their vacations! 

Thanks for getting to know us! Patti's Vacations, LLC looks forward to arranging your next incredible adventure.